Soundless Things


I need to listen to soundless things –

Small shelters of everyday wonder and comfort

Playing hide and seek

Around the corners of my days 

Waiting to be found

Before they disappear “home free”.

Today I found –

The smell of sun in stacks of folded sheets,

How slow a sand castle tower can fall,

The pale green of still curled leaves,

The way rain fills a nook of young wood.

Tonite I wrote them on a list

Then folded it,

And tucked it back in my pocket just over my heart.

I need to listen to soundless things from there.




10 thoughts on “Soundless Things

    • Hi Marlene- glad u liked it. Strange to think we have to set an intention and then make space for joy. I remember a time when I didn’t even realize it was missing from my life…I was so rushed. When I look back at that woman, I don’t recognize her (and that’s a good thing). Sounds like we’ve been on the same path.


  1. the sell of sun on sheets is one of my favorite things in this world…
    what an incredible list….your list is exquisite
    Thank you….I like soundless things…
    the image you used is breath-taking….
    I will enjoy following your thoughts, there is such a realness within them…
    Take Care…You Matter…


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