What’s Mine

I recognize this moment,

Untamed, unframed

And wild; I created it.

I let it flow,

Let it grow

Let it trellis

And border-

Cascade its disorder

On walls

In halls

Of dim.

And I watched it

In wonder

Wind over and under

In random ascent

Till it circled and bent-

Till it bowered

And flowered

To dust.

A gallery of greys

A powdered

Stone soul-

Still life

Still enchanted

Vine covered

Held whole.

I recognize this moment-

It’s mine.

© Willow-Marie Power 2013 (Image: http://www.paintingsilove.com/artist/helenka)


11 thoughts on “What’s Mine

  1. Love the sense of spilling over and over…yes, indeed, your moment, untamed. Interestingly, you came into my awareness suddenly on my brief walk today–must have been right around when you posted this lovely piece :). Thanks for the beauty. Xo


  2. I like the whole thing, but wonder about the powdered and grey stone soul. I have an image of a statue in a garden, but it is you, the writer who is the one who painted a lovely word picture!


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