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. r e a l .

.real. is a collection of poems and short stories that began as a work book I used in my talks. It’s a series of personal reflections from my experience and conversations with other women about theirs. Life is full of unexpected turns of mind and heart that change us and show us new ways of being. We all have them, the art is allowing them and giving ourselves permission to be real along the way.

“.real. is a beautifully written introspection that took me on a journey from Willow-Marie Power’s reflections to my own and back again. This book will stay with me. Willow’s prose and poems remind us that life is absolutely beautiful, but only when we dare to actively dive into it – vulnerable, naked and free of any illusion. This requires extraordinary amounts of self-awareness, humility and love. You’ll find all three on every page.”

Anais Navarre - Writer and Translator

“Part autobiography, part meditation, part poetry, \“.real.\” is greater than the sum of its parts. The author emerges as a singular observer of life and herself. This gentle, smart and magical book will stay with you long, long after you finish the last page. If there’s a sequel in the works, a “.realer,” if you will, it cannot come too soon.”

Burt Kempner - Writer and Filmmaker

“One of the things I find most beautiful in this book is the way Willow opens up her spirit and lets it flow without apology.”

David Blaikie - Poet

Some .real. writings

Rune readings have inspired my writing countless times. Here are are three. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I Believe


I believe we reach
For what we might never hold-
That we find strength after testing
And create peace from its pain.
I believe a holied insistence
Cradles and encourages us to waking
Even when images we thought invincible realities
Are lost in our rousing.
I believe part of us is meant to long & imagine:
To knowingly compromise
In the name of faith or love or both.
These are the things that help us grow
That keep our humanity soft handed and open.



Hands in flight
Craft word in air
To page and script
A lifetime there-
An unbound volume,
Binding none.
In random fall
Each chapter’s drawn
A frost of lace
That falls upon-
The winter’d panes of passage.
To softly stream
Their pattern spread
Their never-ending end unread...
My fingers letter
Spells of weather

Skellig Isle- Solstice


Darkness snows
Memory kindles
August woods
January nights.
Shadow falls
Midnight dreams
Grass bends
Mistral air
Celtic lore.
Book, hood
Signet ring,
Goblet, bell and
A gown undone.
Sword, spell
Ancient shore,
Water, stone and
Candle’d moon.
Morning dawns
Shadow pales
Truths brighten
Intuition breathes...
A priestess dances.

"You know you've lost touch with your intuitive voice, but you can still get it back."

Our intuitive voice, our inner sense, is one we rarely hear and yet the deepest understanding about our dreams and desires depend on it.
For that to happen we need to turn our attention inward- having our Runes read gives that voice clarity and opens our hearts and minds so we can move in ways we may not have thought possible.
The Runes are ancient symbols passed down through the ages by sages, healers and spiritual alchemists. Each Rune stone has a symbol on it with a meaning related to the creative force of the psyche - an alphabet of transformational images used to guide us through crossroads, beginnings and choice points.

  • when we need to know what matters most, what we really want.
  • when insight into our passion, vision and intuition make all the difference.

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Willow - Rune Reader and Teacher