An Unintentional Tribute: Leonard Cohen


The first thing I did when I heard Leonard Cohen had died was go to my bookcase and open his ‘Selected Poems 1956-1968”.

It was the very first book of poetry I ever bought . I remember saving up my baby sitting money to pay for it.

That was in the late 1960’s and I still open it. Nothing like feeling haunted and enchanted at the same time.

I wrote this poem decades ago. It wasn’t meant to be a tribute to him, but tonight it feels that way.


I thought I’d remember

the romantic moments-

the way he tucked me “just so” under his shoulder

when we walked and

the way I’d make my steps match his

so I could stay there-

or how he kissed

the hollow of my throat and

I kissed

the palms of his hands-

or the rainy Sunday afternoon

we spent reading Leonard Cohen

out loud to each other

on a park bench.

But what I remember most

About my first love is this:

when I said I loved him,

I believed me.

The Beauty of What We’ll Never Know

Pico Iyer is one of my favourite authors. He’s a master storyteller and observer of the human spirit. In this short uplifting talk, he reminds us to take time to consider and explore the mystery that surrounds us. I really enjoyed this, it struck a chord with me – truth does that.