10 Again


I thought I’d be blasé by this time. Maybe it’s just that I’m asking different questions, better questions and reconciling long held beliefs with experience in the process.

Every contradiction leads to something I didn’t expect, wasn’t aware of or didn’t notice before. It’s part second childhood and part archeological dig, a perpetual state of beginners mind (Shoshin).

Strange thing is, it’s gotten easier to be wrong, to laugh at myself, to learn and change my mind.

With any luck, by the time I’m 100 years old, I’ll be 10 again.


I thought by now

I’d have all the answers,

The right answers –

That I’d be sure of

Just about everything

But the opposite

Is happening.

It would have worried me


But now

Every nudge into uncertainty

Is a relief, a breathing space,

A place to wonder, to reconsider.

And every time I say

“I don’t know for sure, what if…”

I feel more alive.

Postcard: a meditation


“Wish I was here” 

Totally present

In every moment

Instead of rushing back and forth

Between the thens and whens of my life.

Wish I was here


I’ve let my history and dreams

Crowd me out –

I’m remembering or imagining

Distracted and missing

The countless nows of awareness:

The only destinations of life as it happens.