Dodging Dragons

On Tuesday, I did battle with a bunch of dragons I know very well.

I had an appointment to bring my e-book “real” Coming of Age – Keeping our Soul to a printer so I could offer a paper, hold it in your hands version to my readers.

It was a long, very long day.

I spent most of it editing- over and over and every time I erased and re-wrote something, I knew I was dodging one of them.

You know those dragons- they catch you off guard and keep you second-guessing and judging yourself. They make you think whatever you create- a painting, a poem, a song is somehow unworthy of being shared. That it’s not good enough, that it’s flawed, needs more polish… something.

So you hold back, hold your breath and keep your creativity hidden. You don’t dare. You don’t take the chance and soon you forget it’s even there for giving.

It was a gut wrenching, heart breaking day and the only thing that got me up from my desk and off to the printer was the sudden thought, “This is my best, does it have to be my idea of perfect too?”

It wasn’t my thought…not exactly, not yet. It belonged to the wiser woman I hope I’ll be when I’m 100 years old. She’ll have wanted to do this, dragons and all.


9 thoughts on “Dodging Dragons

  1. Very wise and honest. Yay you. I call them my “flock of demons” and remind myself on so many days of rehearsal, class, performances, that perhaps they, too, just wanna dance :). Congratulations on doing what needed to be done. xo

  2. I know those guys. I call them gremlins. They are small, slick and harder to wrangle. Congrats and you are right, perfect isn’t possible. It leads to procrastination. Love the artwork on this page. Did you do it?

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