“What’s The Right Thing to Do…Anyone Know, For Sure?”


One of the best ways to get real and stay that way is to ask not only “what do I believe” but “why”.

The answers are usually surprising. They point us to things we don’t question; the assumptions, the givens.

Good news, because they take us back to our core beliefs– the ones with our name on them, not someone else’s.

This past week, I re-watched a series of 12 Harvard lectures on You Tube given by Michael Sandel called “Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do?”

He’s amazing to watch, a really gifted teacher.

No matter the topic, from murder, to patriotism to same sex marriage, he’ll get you thinking about the tough issues, the passionate issues, the ones just below the surface of everyday conversation- the ones we need to have.

Turns out, those kinds of conversations change us the most and while they may not change “the” world, they’ll change your  world…seems the right place to start.

5 thoughts on ““What’s The Right Thing to Do…Anyone Know, For Sure?”

    • hi Jonathan,
      Yes! it’s so interesting. Seems points of view = number of people. One of Professor Sandel’s strengths is he never actually voices his point of view but creates & holds a space where the students feel they can safely develop their own.


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