Hard Choices

I called the talk “What do YOU Want”. Simple question – not so simple answer. I worked on it for months. The research was fascinating.

It came down to making choices that were in line with our passions, our heart’s desire.

We want to create a life that’s an expression of who we truly are, we want to make the best of all possible decisions, but is that possible? How does it happen?


Biohacking Creativity: More than the Muses


Creativity fascinates me. I wonder what it is, where it comes from and if it’s more than just a chance happening. Turns out it is.

Those moments when I’m in the flow – when I loose track of time, when one thing leads effortlessly to another, when my focus is totally absorbed and nothing else exists – those moments when I seem to vanish and become one with what I’m doing are more than the muses making an appearance.

I just watched a TEDx talk “Altered States to Altered Traits” and discovered the work of “The Flow Genome Project”. It started with high performance athletes wanting to stretch their physical limits and now includes anyone who wants to stretch their creative ones.

They wanted to map what goes on in our brains when we experience moments that seem transcendent and they have, or at least they’ve begun to. It’s a system, a sequence of events that we can access and influence. Very good news.

I think of it as an understanding that helps me give my all and create the very best I can. Something we all want.


Summer’s End

Summer's End

Canadian summers are so short. Feels like they’re over in no time. This Labor Day weekend felt more like the end of October: cold, windy, sudden down pours.

So, did I stay inside watching the storms? No.

I took a comforter, wrapped it like a shawl, and daring the lightening to hit me, curled up on a chair on the porch with a cup of coffee, and possibly my life in my hands.

What I thought about wasn’t the countless picture perfect days I’d had this summer. I remembered the other kind, the not so perfect ones that usually happen suddenly. We all have them.

Those days when circumstances change unexpectedly, plans fall through or we realize our best isn’t good enough and all we know for sure was that we have to do something, somehow and have no idea what or how.

Why those days? There were so many of the other kind.

It made no sense at first, but those days have the most meaning. They test our mettle, make us take a step back, look closer and question things. Eventually, they steady us, give us perspective.

They pop up in memory because they’re emotion filled, the inner workings of our evolving sense of who we are. They’re like future meditations in the making.We need those kinds of days – often.

As for sitting outside during a thunderstorm? Not so much.