Evolution 5.0 – Bioengineering


Science fascinates me, but lately it’s been keeping me up at night.

The discipline that keeps catching my attention and stealing my sleep is bio-engineering/ genomics, a favorite.

This time, it started with a newspaper ad for a new exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature called “Glowing My Way?” (on bio-luminescence) and remembering an old TED talk by bio ethicist Paul Root Wolfe .

I’m the first to say how happy I was to learn the human genome was finally mapped, that personalized medicine is now almost mainstream, and that our quality of life along with our life expectancy are closer to each other than ever before thanks to regenerative medicine. None of this would be possible were it not for our ability to read the DNA code and combine it in new ways.

Move over Darwin, this isn’t natural selection, it’s artificial selection. Think, evolution 5.0. Evolution with intention moving at the speed of light. Really…

I’ve been following the work being done by Craig Venter for years now. The bio- engineering done in his lab is nothing short of mind bending. This interview of him with David Frost really opened my eyes to how far and fast bio- technologies have advanced and there are hundreds of labs and thousands of scientists doing the same kind of research. It’s here to stay and it changes everything.

What I can’t quite see are the psycho-social-spiritual implications of all this. And in the wee small hours of the morning I seriously question every belief I have about the meaning of life and what makes us human.

Things I thought I had answers for, not written in stone answers but still…


“All-One-More” Non-Duality, Timothy Freke

Non Duality Tim Freke Life is but a dream, a paradox. There’s the many and the one. We’re individuals in a collective.

Timothy Freke says our awareness of this is a question of attention and an intentional willingness to live in the mystery of life. He calls it “Paralogical Thinking” – a new term for me.

The concept was familiar – the idea of being the witness and the experiencer, the subject and object. It’s not always easy to make space in our consciousness for both. It means stretching and fine-tuning our perception so it allows for complimentarity.

It’s being aware of a continuum AND depth of individual and collective reality – of knowing the apparent contradictions we experience in our self/ self, self/other, self/world relationships and understandings are just aspects that rise up, fade, and rise up again. They’re layered and embedded at the same time.

The questions Freke asks is can we choose “both/ and” instead of “either/ or” and what happens when we don’t? It’s a thought experiment in lucid living – something that takes a while to wrap our heads around, but makes sense.

Maybe just being perpetually curious is one of the best ways to stay real inside the dream.

(image: themetapyhsiqueblog.wordpress.com )

Other Places, Other Ways


There are times when our lives take on a life of their own and we feel we can barely keep up. We feel rushed, constrained and self-censored all at once.

We program ourselves to say and do only the right thing at the right time and sacrifice spontaneity for strategy and our spirit for persona.

It’s one thing to get caught up in everyday demands but we all need to go back and reclaim what we’ve neglected or left behind along the way. We have to stay connected to our whole selves if we want to have meaningful relationships with others.

One really simple way I do this that always helps is to fill a small shallow bowl with water and place a leaf or some petals on top. Then I take it in both hands and walk slowly.

The idea is not only just not to spill it, but to be aware of the water that’s hidden under the leaf/ petals and to reflect on what experiences during my day I kept to myself.

It’s not easy- it’s a kind of reckoning and reconciliation. More about the “why” than the “what”, but despite that, I keep doing it. Maybe one day I won’t feel the need to. No one will.

Other Places

 I don’t know this garden anymore.

There are wild places here I barely remember.

I used to know them all,

They were parts of me.

No strangeness

No need for caution or restraint.

I didn’t step so slow or leave so fast.

I rested in the truth of all my longings

And lived them.

I need to return to these wild places -

To the near forgotten ways of being

That upset what I think I know about who I am and have to offer

Just because they simply are.

 I need the disorder of contradiction to fill me

Until I understand again

How to let the wild in me just be.