Connection: it counts


We’ re wired to connect. Feeling that we’re cared for or included in a group matters to us and when that doesn’t happen, it hurts. What’s interesting is that our biology processes social pain and physical pain the same way. As far as our brains are concerned they’re the same thing.

I just watched a video by Dr. Naomi Eisenberger that explains her research findings on this. She’s found there are definite links and so has Dr. Matthew Lieberman. Eisenberger’s research asks what happens and Lieberman’s why.

We might think there’s a gap between mind and body but there isn’t and the overlap has a direct effect on our happiness, health and survival.

So the next time you feel left out or left behind, the best thing to do might be to take an over the counter analgesic like Tylenol, make a cup of warm tea and call someone you care about.

Not Knowing



Mystery is never easy. It just is.

Some questions have no answers and nothing will change that. No matter how much research and reflection I do on mystical experience and spiritual traditions and practices, I come back to not knowing.


I held mystery closer and

Let if fall over every story

I knew about the world and who I was -

And I

Made my way back

Into a stillness filled

With moving points of light

That hollowed me

As they spun

Substance into brightness,

Certainty into awe.

I never named

That constellation of sharp grace

Or how the spin of its stars still change me.

I merely sense something infinite-

A nameless sacredness -

Constant now,

And the only kind of mystery

I believe in.

Evolution 5.0 – Bioengineering


Science fascinates me, but lately it’s been keeping me up at night.

The discipline that keeps catching my attention and stealing my sleep is bio-engineering/ genomics, a favorite.

This time, it started with a newspaper ad for a new exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature called “Glowing My Way?” (on bio-luminescence) and remembering an old TED talk by bio ethicist Paul Root Wolfe .

I’m the first to say how happy I was to learn the human genome was finally mapped, that personalized medicine is now almost mainstream, and that our quality of life along with our life expectancy are closer to each other than ever before thanks to regenerative medicine. None of this would be possible were it not for our ability to read the DNA code and combine it in new ways.

Move over Darwin, this isn’t natural selection, it’s artificial selection. Think, evolution 5.0. Evolution with intention moving at the speed of light. Really…

I’ve been following the work being done by Craig Venter for years now. The bio- engineering done in his lab is nothing short of mind bending. This interview of him with David Frost really opened my eyes to how far and fast bio- technologies have advanced and there are hundreds of labs and thousands of scientists doing the same kind of research. It’s here to stay and it changes everything.

What I can’t quite see are the psycho-social-spiritual implications of all this. And in the wee small hours of the morning I seriously question every belief I have about the meaning of life and what makes us human.

Things I thought I had answers for, not written in stone answers but still…