She looked at me with a look that made me wonder if there were now 8 deadly sins instead of 7 and said, “Oh, you’re one of those.”

One of those?

“You know, a creative.”

Any other day I might have tried to redeem myself or become a poster child for the all the good creative’s have done, but that day…well, it just wasn’t in me, and besides we’d only just been introduced.

So, I excused myself from the conversation all the while hoping creativity really was contagious and if she was lucky, she might have caught some. I know I did; she’d left me feeling off balance but inspired.

Then I left the reception, went home and wrote:

Creativity – no one’s really sure about where it comes from or how it works. One thing we all know for sure is it has the power to change reality. It expands the possible and moves us in new ways. It defies our perceptions and ways of being – liberates the human spirit.

You can love it or fear it. I’ve done both.


Welcome the quake that

Comes from nowhere –

The sudden heave and split

Of a rising cliff

That flattens you against its newness and

Demands you somehow move up

And inch your way past its narrow darkness.

Take the risk

Before it takes you

Back to what you already know –

Have always done.











Return: a meditation


How much longer will you stay here

In the life you’ve made-

The one that feels like it belongs

To someone else?

What if you returned to yourself

Risked listening to your heart

And trusted in your perceptions

Instead of everyone else’s expectations?

What if you filled your days with

What felt true and in tune with

Your deepest yearnings?

What if your life was a testament to experience

Rather than accomplishment?

Would you stay then?

You’d belong –

Would that be enough?

Being Here


It’s April 2, but it snowed last night. If spring is here, I can’t see it.

Same thing with my life this week – a season of crazy that made me question just how present I was. I wasn’t.

It’s been a blur of endless meetings, sudden changes, doing 100 things all at the same time. Life on automatic and over drive.

I got caught up. My only intention was to get the thing done, and move onto the next one. No reflection, no centering, no soul.

I was close, but not quite there.

I watched the snow last night though, from start to finish. It was a kind of reckoning that brought me back to “here” again.


Being Here 

Spring is almost here

Am I? Are we?

How does that happen?

What does it take?

Times when

We step forward

Open our arms

Take a breath –

Name our fear but

Trust our choice.

Times when

We allow uncertainty

Live with suspense

Welcome mystery

Depend on faith but

Act on truth.